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Welcome to Transport Managers Training Consortium

Transport Manager Training Consortium was created to support existing transport managers in maintaining their continual professional development (CPD) and people new to the industry, who want to achieve their Certificate of Professional Competence.

Transport Managers CPC courses

Demonstrating ‘professional competence’ is a fundamental requirement of the operator licensing system, for both Standard National and Standard International licences. Given that the qualification is a ‘licence to practice’, our aim is to continually strive to improve the pass rate for the benefit of our members and their staff.

Plus, our TM CPC courses are awarded by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, the foremost provider of logistics and transport related qualifications in the UK and abroad.

Our courses

We are business to business service providers and as such, our pricing structure is flexible based on client location and the number of candidates placed on our courses and the location that the courses are provided i.e. courses provided within the M25 ring will be charged at a higher rate owing to the increased costs that London attracts.  Please contact us for a quote.

Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) - Classroom course, 10 learning days

from £995.00 per candidate (minimum 4 candidates)

Transport Managers Certificate of Professional Competence (Road Haulage) - Distance Learning course with personal tutor

£795.00 per candidate 

Transport Manager's Refresher - 2 learning days

from £495.00 per candidate (minimum 4 candidates)

Operator Licence Awareness Training (OLAT) - 1 learning day

from £495.00 trainer day rate (maximum 4 candidates) £50.00 for every candidate thereafter.

All prices plus VAT where applicable.

Call us now on 01543 54 50 50 or email

Facebook pages & groups

Our aim as a consortium is to raise the operating knowledge of transport managers who want to be considered for further work with our partner businesses.  Therefore, to be confident in the abilities of the TM's we place with clients (which is cost free for both TM and client), we feel that an induction process is essential. As TM's are required to maintain their CPD in any case, we see the 2-day refresher as effectively cost neutral, but  necessary means of maintaining quality control. Once completed, TM's that complete their initial Certificate of Professional Competence or a Transport Manager's Refresher course with us will automatically gain access to our private Transport Manager's Download Facebook group which is where we advertise positions for transport managers on behalf of our partner businesses and maintain an up to date file of traffic commissioner and DVSA guidance, template documents and policies - all free of charge!

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Our open Facebook group that welcomes all UK based transport managers and aspiring transport managers.

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Transport Managers Download

Our closed group available to those TM's who have taken their TM CPC courses or TM Refresher courses with us.