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Post Incident Tachograph Analysis

Tachograph evidence is often a vital component in most commercial vehicle prosecutions where death or serious injury has occurred as a result of a collision, but the data captured by tachographs can be used for a myriad of other applications:

  • Death or serious injury resulting form a collision
  • Dangerous or careless driving allegations
  • Drivers hours compliance
  • Route analysis
  • Load theft or load security
  • Falsification of records
  • Tachograph manipulation
  • Suspect drivers
  • Personal injury claims

Digital Tachographs

Perhaps the most essential data set recorded by a digital tachograph is the detailed speed file.  A speed reading is taken per second and stored in the Vehicle Unit for 24 hours, after which it will be overwritten by new data.  It is vital therefore, that any vehicle involved in a collision or incident where speed data is quarantined with the ignition turned off, until this data can be downloaded.  This is particularly important if the tachograph is a Siemens VDO as this device records speed data at a rate of four readings per second for the last minute of activity.

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