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A Policeman's Lot - January 2015

Having spent over 20 of his 30 years in the police service as a Commercial Vehicle Practitioner, Steve explains why traffic policing is not was it was and how today's HGV's are more likely to be monitored by a camera rather than a dedicated, skilled and experienced police officer.

Hit & Myth - February 2015

So you thought it was just an urban myth, well think again as Steve tells the real story of the use of an unliveried truck by motorway police and how truck drivers have been whipped into a frenzy by the prospect of being caught by the Police Truck!

Yes, it is real.

Camel Jockeys - May 2015

Probably the most often asked questions that people in anoraks ask, are "Are police drivers really any good?" and "Are police cars souped up?".  In this issue Steve explains that the answers are yes and no, respectively - oh yes, and what a Camel Jockey is!

What on earth will he say next? 

Make sure you get your regular copy of Truck & Driver to find out.  You won't be disappointed!

Time Well Spent - September 2015

What do you think of Driver CPC?  Steve gives his opinions on what constitutes a good Driver CPC course and questions the validity of the current crop of courses on offer and the trainers who train them.

Totally Puddled - April 2016

A few drivers got upset at Steve's suggestion that a little more planning by some drivers would lead to fewer infringements particularly around the 4 1/2 hour rule.  The truth hurts sometimes!