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Standard International Operators Licence

You will require one of these if you want to carry your own goods, whether manufactured by you, owned by you or purchased by you, and third party goods for 'hire and reward' within the United Kingdom and throughout the European Community..

Key advantages - your business is able to maximise it's earning potential throughout the European Union by transporting goods for paying customers.  

Prohibited activity - none.

£350.00 Standard International Licence fixed-fee application package

Leave everything to us - Our fixed-fee Standard International Licence package ensures a stress free application, which will be handled by industry specialists from start to finish.  The package includes:

Initial fact-find and confidential consultation

It is essential for us to get to know the 'nuts and bolts' of your business and also to provide robust and accurate advice regarding the implications and consequences of obtaining and maintaining a goods vehicle operator’s licence, including the transparency and disclosure demanded by the Office of the Traffic Commissioners relating to ownership and management of the business, previous licences, past prosecutions, or bankruptcies, to a higher level than that of Restricted Licence applicants, something known as the 'Good Repute' test.

Application preparation

Each application we prepare is bespoke to the applicant and designed to maximise the chances of a successful outcome and includes; preparation of maintenance agreements by suitable suppliers (if not provided in-house), preparation of operating centre permissions letter(s) and a correctly prepared and worded Public Notice advertisement for publication in your local, widely read newspaper.  In addition, we will check all supporting documentation and create an application package supported by ongoing liaison with the Office of the Traffic Commissioners throughout the application process.  Finally, we will also set you up with access to your own online Operator Licence account and Operator Compliance Risk Score account, via the GOV.UK website, for peace of mind.

What's not included?

Fees payable to the Office of the Traffic Commissioners and the cost of your Public Notice advertisement, that's all.