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Regularly downloading tachograph data takes time, causes you hassle and costs you money. Many a wet weekend is spent downloading vehicles - operators can spend up to 2 days per vehicle per year on downloading.

There is increasing focus from the authorities on driving without a card, meaning that fleets are having to download several times a month in order to monitor this issue.

The pandemic and remote working makes it even more difficult to download in accordance with regulations.  smartRTD is a stress-free solution that regularly and automatically downloads driver card and tachograph (VU) data - from wherever your vehicles are!

Save time - up to 2 days, per vehicle per year - leaving you free to run your business.

Time = Money!

See remaining drive time in real-time* - allowing better planning and increasing productivity.

No more missed downloads - improving compliance and protecting your O-License and your business.

Less vehicle downtime. With no need to return to base for downloading, your vehicles can stay on the road for longer.

Easy self-install in minutes!

Our Universal plug-and-play cable allows quick and easy self-install. This means:


  • no cutting / soldering of vehicle wiring

  • no warranty issues

  • no expensive installer/engineer costs

  • less vehicle downtime


Many fleets have considered remote download systems, but the initial upfront costs make it too expensive. smartRTD is available on a simple rental basis with no upfront hardware to pay for - making it easier for fleets to adopt this technology. What's more, our rental service includes lifetime warranty, giving complete peace of mind!


Buy smartRTD outright and then pay a low ongoing monthly service fee.


Pay a small set-up fee, followed by an ongoing rental (24 month term).


Our flexible PAYG option allows you to cancel with 30 days notice.

smartRTD+ - Telematics & GPS tracking

Knowing where and how your vehicles and drivers are performing is crucial for your business. For a small additional monthly fee, the smartRTD device can be configured to provide telematics and GPS tracking.

With an easy-to-use interface, our GPS tracking software gives you real-time visibility of your fleet.

We have a wide range of options to suit any type of fleet. Options include:

  • CANbus / engine data

  • Temperature monitoring

  • Power take-off - (PTO)

  • Asset / plant tracking

  • Trailer tracking

  • Van / car tracking


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Digital tachograph download & telematics solutions from only £9.99 per month with flexible contract terms!


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