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Post Incident Management

Post Incident Management is a command and control mechanism used primarily by the police service, during major or critical incidents that have an element of reputational risk to the organisation, typically police shootings or other events that lead to the death of a person through police contact.

This process can be very effectively applied to private organisations in similar circumstances i.e. commercial vehicle operators involved in fatal road traffic collisions, particularly where the incident is news worthy and may attract negative press and therefore reputational risk to the organisation. Further, prosecutions resulting from such an incident might not be limited to just the driver, but could permeate through the organisation to the senior management team in the form of a Corporate Manslaughter suit.

Our courses 'Post Incident Management for Managers' and 'Post Incident Management for Drivers (CPC)' provide a mechanism for minimising the adverse impact, potential disruption and reputational harm caused by such an event, followed by a swift return to business as usual.

The Police are accountable - don't leave it to chance that they won't make mistakes.
Being inside the investigation at the earliest opportunity gives you influence.

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