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Did you know that as an employer of five or more, you have a the same duty of care for your staff whilst driving on company business, as you do for all other work related activities?  Overlooking this safety critical area of business could lead to a Corporate Manslaughter prosecution.

Advanced driving is the ability to control the position and speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly, using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility.

Having worked with a number of high value and high risk load carriers (including technology, tobacco, alcohol) whilst in the police service, we can now offer a surveillance identification and counter measures course designed specifically for the road transport sector.

Lone Worker Counter Surveillance Driver Training

Lone workers can face risks those in an office environment may not even think about. Click here for find out how to evaluate these and handle them effectively.

As with any other form of work, employers are expected to undertake a risk assessment before employees are allowed to work alone. In the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) guidance document Working alone, a lone worker is defined as someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision.