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Code of Practice

1.  Driver Licensing

1.1  Valid licence

Operator must ensure that the licence is current with the correct categories for the vehicles being driven.

1.2  Fitness to drive

Operator must have a compliant policy in respect of notification of receipt of penalty points or entitlement to drive.

1.3  Driver induction

Operator must ensure drivers receive an appropriate and relevant induction to the operator and their role.  Records of the induction process must be retained for the duration of the driver's employment.

1.4  Driver assessment

Operator  must ensure that all drivers undergo a driving assessment that is relevant to their role, to be carried out by a competent person prior to the commencement of duties as a driver.  Records of the induction process must be retained for the duration of the driver's employment.

2.  Driver Behaviour

2.1  Drivers' hours and working time
Operator must ensure that drivers comply with drivers' hours and working time legislation.

2.2  Speed limits
Operator must introduce processes that ensure drivers comply with speed limits for roads and the vehicle.

2.3  Safe loading
Operator must ensure that drivers comply with safe and legal loading of vehicles.

2.4  Mobile phones and electronic devices
Operator must ensure that drivers comply with the legislative requirements regarding the use of mobile phones and electronic devices whilst driving.

2.5  Towing

Operator must ensure that only drivers who posses the correct driving entitlement and training, should be permitted to tow trailers.

2.6  Role-specific legislation
Operator must ensure that drivers comply with legislation related to their job description.

2.7  Driver identification
Operator must have a documented system to enable the identification of a driver of a vehicle at all times when used on the public highway.  Records must be retained for a period of not less than 12 months.

2.8  Incident monitoring, investigation and action
Operator must have a documented systems to identify and log incidents and, if deemed necessary, discipline or provide remedial training to drivers.

2.9  Driver training
Operator must ensure that drivers receive appropriate training or re-training with regard to changing job roles, when indicated by ongoing assessment, third party complaints or following an incident or collision.   Records of the induction process must be retained for the duration of the driver's employment.

3. Vehicle and equipment maintenance

3.1  Pre-use safety checks
Operator undertake to ensure all vans and light commercial vehicles in their operation are maintained in a safe operating condition and operate an audit-able system of pre-use checks.  Drivers must record any identifiable defects and report same to a competent person for appropriate action and rectification.

3.2  Vehicle maintenance cycles
Operator must undertake to assess, plan and perform the appropriate maintenance cycles for their vehicles in view of operational demands and manufacturer’s recommendations.

3.3  Equipment maintenance cycles
Operator must undertake to assess, plan and perform the appropriate maintenance cycles for their ancillary equipment in view of operational demands and manufacturer’s recommendations.

4.  Vehicle standards

4.1  Vehicle appearance
Operator must ensure that all drivers maintain their vehicles in a clean and tidy condition and provide the means of doing so.

4.2  Vehicle taxation
Operator must ensure that all vehicles have appropriate vehicle excise licence.

4.3  Vehicle insurance
Operator must ensure that all vehicles are covered by an appropriate policy of insurance.

4.4  Vehicle MOT testing
Operator must ensure that all vehicles undergo timely MOT testing, which must form part of a pre-planned maintenance system.

5.  Safe working environment

5.1  Risk assessment
Operator must demonstrate that the use of vehicles, ancillary equipment and working practices have been subject to a documented risk assessment.

5.2  Loading requirements
Operator must demonstrate that the weight and distribution of loads will be safe and legal and subject of a documented safe loading policy.

5.3  Carriage of external loads
Operator must ensure all vehicles are equipped with appropriate equipment to secure all external loads in a safe and compliant manner.

5.4  Driver and passenger protection
Operator must demonstrate that an assessment of any driver and passenger protective equipment is carried out.

5.5  Speed limiting
Operator must demonstrate that vehicle speeds are effectively controlled by the use of speed limiters or suitable method of speed monitoring.

5.6  Towing vehicles
Operator must ensure that only vehicles specifically constructed or adapted are used for towing.

6.  Record keeping

6.1  Record keeping and retention
Operator must retain vehicle and maintenance related records for a minimum period of at least 15 months and make them available for inspection.