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Customisable daily walk around checklists for all asset types from just £1 per week, per asset...  

Here’s just a handful of the advantages the AssetGo app has over traditional defect books…

  • Complete audit trail for your business
  • Accurate record of where a walkaround took place
  • Accurate record of time taken to perform checks
  • Instant notification of identified defects
  • Images when defects are included in a report
  • Defects reported to workshop for rectification
  • Timesaving with electronic storage without the need for laborious filing
  • Instantly available historical data to monitor driver / depot / vehicle performance
  • Ability to immediately report “in service” defects
  • Compliant with current DVSA recommendations
  • Reducing vehicle downtime

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AssetGo App

The AssetGo app gives you a digital version of a traditional defect book or inspection sheet that allows the user to record vital information quickly and easily.

The app allows the user to:

  • Report all defects and send instantly to the AssetGo Compliance Management System
  • View historical reports on your mobile device in the event of a roadside checks.
  • Take up to 4 images of a defect and add notes, allowing a manager to identify the severity of the defect, speeding up the rectification process.

No signal? All reports are automatically synced as soon as a signal becomes available.

Once the walkaround checks are carried out, you get the opportunity to review and submit the report. Reports are instantly synced to the AssetGo dashboard where defects can be managed.

Periodic Inspections and Maintenance Scheduling

AssetGo fully integrated PMI and Maintenance Scheduling

Including Periodic Maintenance Inspection (PMI) checks for HGV, PCV & Trailer (VC60 | TC60 | PCV60) fully updated to include the latest IM numbers – with CheckPro you’ll be able to streamline your fleet maintenance & PMI’s

The AssetGo system allows your workshop to:

  • Organise & schedule PMI’s checks
  • Complete inspections without the need for paper based recording
  • Accurate record of time taken to perform inspections
  • Instant notification of identified issues
  • View data to monitor driver / depot / vehicle performance based on inspection results
  • Compliant with all current DVSA checklists
  • Reducing vehicle downtime
  • Integrates with AssetGo defect reporting and management

AssetGo is the ideal digital system to use with our Virtual Transport Office compliance services

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